Village Spotlight

  1. 20th Annual RID LITTER DAY is Saturday, April 22nd - we could use your help!

    Click here for more information.

    Please help prevent litter.  It couldn't be easier!

    • Always dispose of your trash in a proper receptacle.
    • If you have children, teach them early to never litter.
    • Carry a litter bag in your vehicle and use it.
    • Never throw anything from your vehicle windows.
    • Always clean up your site after a picnic or other activity.
    • Cover trash receptacles tightly.  
    • Pack your recycling and garbage bins tight and right.
    • Secure your load if you carry trash or loose materials in a truck.
    • Tidy stray materials at the curb after your trash collection day.

Special Events

  1. Sunday, April 30
    Wednesday, May 17
    Canoeing and Fishing

    Love the Park
    Click the 'Love The Park' Fine Arts Fair image for detailed information.

    Monday, May 29

Recreation Seasonal Brochure

  1. Rec Brocure Spring 2017

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