Snow Removal

Winter Season

The Village Public Works Department’s primary objective during the winter season is to keep approximately 29 miles of roads free from snow and ice through plowing and salting operations. The Public Works crew needs four to five hours to plow the entire Village under normal plowing conditions. The first priority of salting is to apply calcium chloride or salt to hills, turns, and intersections as conditions warrant. Once the snow has stopped falling and during the last plow through the area, salt is applied to streets where needed. During icing or freezing rain conditions, the salting of Village streets is a priority.

Calcium Chloride will be used in combination with rock salt and in addition in liquid form only on hills, intersections, and turns. The calcium chloride assists the rock salt in melting the ice and snow to temperatures to zero. The use of calcium chloride is expected to reduce the amount of rock salt used by 30%.
Snowy Woods
Below is how you can assist with getting your street cleared of snow and ice.

Move Vehicles Parked On Roadways

Residents should remove all vehicles parked on the roadway as soon as it begins to snow. This will assist snow removal for the entire road surface. A vehicle parked on the roadway presents a hazard when snow on the roadway freezes in place.

Depositing Snow in the Roadway

The practice of pushing or blowing snow from private driveways into public roadways is prohibited. It is against Village Ordinance and presents a hazard to vehicular traffic and hinders subsequent snow removal efforts. The Village trucks plow snow to the side of the road and sometimes it may drift across driveways. It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove any snow that is deposited across a driveway during snow removal operations. Please do not deposit snow onto paved areas of the street.


If you have a concern about road conditions please call the following.

Village-Owned Streets

Please call the Public Works Department at 923-7170 or 671-3721.

State Roads

STATE ROADS (IDOT) Include: 123rd Street/McCarthy Road, LaGrange Road (US Route 45), Southwest Highway (IL Route 7), 131st Street, east of Southwest Highway, Route 83/Cal Sag Road, and 119th Street. Please contact the Illinois Department of Transportation at 1.847.705.4227.

County Roads

COUNTY ROADS (CCHD) Include: 80th Avenue, 86th Avenue, Wolf Road, 131st Street, west of LaGrange Road, 135th Street, and 104th Avenue.  Please contact the Cook County Highway Department at 708.448.8006.

131st Street between LaGrange Road and Southwest Highway, please contact the Village of Orland Park Public Works Department at 708.403.6350.

UNINCORPORATED RESIDENTIAL STREETS adjacent to and outside the Village of Palos Park. Please contact Palos Township Highway Department at 708.598.4451.