Tree Branch Pick Up

General Chipping Regulations during Chipping Season.:

The start location of the chipper will alternate depending on the month. During the weeks of April, May, September, and November the Chipper Crew will begin on the eastern edge of the Village and move west across the Village until all the public streets have been serviced. During the weeks of April, June, August, and October the Chipper Crew will begin on the western edge of the Village and move east across the Village until all the public streets have been serviced. Once a street has been serviced the chipper crew will not return until the next chipping date.

Chipping Service for public owned residential streets will begin on April 2019. Please do not place branches on the right of way until the weekend before the chipping week.  After the last chipping week of November 2019 please remove any remaining branches from the right of way. Branches should not be left in the right of way between November and March. 

Residents living in a private subdivision or on private streets please call the Public Works Office 708-671-3721 no later than the Wednesday before the chipping week for chipping service at your address. Residents of Private Unit Developments must submit a request for service through their Home Owners Association and the Public Works Department must be notified of the addresses for service at least one week in advance of the chipping date; either the resident or the Home Owners Association will be charged on their Utility Bill for receiving the chipping service. 

Chipping Service dates will be posted in Spring 2019. The chipper will begin on following dates during 2019 starting on the side of town listed below:

CHIPPER STARTS ON EAST SIDE OF THE VILLAGE ON: April -- 2nd pickup May -- 1st pickup August and2nd pickup October

CHIPPER STARTS ON WEST SIDE OF THE VILLAGE ON:  1st pickup May -- June -- 2nd pickup August and 1st pickup October

 Please review all of the "Branch Chipping Regulations" at the top of the green section on the left side of the screen,                                                                                                                                                                   Branches placed out for chipping should measure between 3 feet and 8 feet in length and no greater than 6 inches in diameter. Piles of branches should be no larger than 4 feet high and 10 feet in length. 

Materials that cannot be chipped and will not be taken include; any type of branches from a species that produce thorns, whether or not thorns are present at the time of chipping, including branches from Buckthorn and Hawthorn trees or rosebushes; any branches with roots attached; root balls; vines; poison ivy or poison oak; lumber; old rotted or friable wood; fencing; railroad ties; or badly tangled branches.  

Weekly branch pick up is available through your yard waste service on your regular garbage day beginning April 1st through the November 30th service.  Branches less than four feet can be placed in yard waste containers or in bundles less than fifty pounds. Bundles should be placed next to your yard waste container on your garbage day.