Boards & Commissions

Aside from the Village Manager and staff, the Mayor and Village Council are also assisted by the Village’s Boards and Commissions. Members of the Boards and Commissions are residents who volunteer their time to the Village government. Boards and Commissions are established to give special review to specific types of issues (e.g. economic development, infrastructure, and appearance) and provide the Village Council with a recommended course of action. The Boards and Commissions are also assisted by staff appointed by the Village Manager.
  1. Historic Preservation

    The purpose of the Commission shall be to assist the Council in the preservation, protection, enhancement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or use of historic structures, building sites, or areas in the Village. And to educate the residents of the Village regarding the importance of such historic preservation.

  2. Library Board

    The mission of the Library Board is to provide a wide range of books, resources and programs for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

  3. Palos Fine Arts

    Palos Fine Arts committee shall promote and stimulate the fine arts and encourage greater public awareness of and participation in the fine arts, which shall include the visual arts, drama, literature, and dance. Palos Fine Arts shall make recommendations to the Village Council for programs and performances of cultural interest for the benefit of Palos Park and surrounding communities.

  4. Plan Commission

    Plan Commission reviews legislation and the Comprehensive Plan map and submits recommendations to the Village Council. This body accepts special assignments from the Mayor and Council to study and make recommendations in subjects relative to the aforementioned responsibilities or which are germane to Village Planning and its implementation

  5. Police Pension Board

    The Police Pension Board oversees the rights and benefits of the Unions beneficiaries of the Police Pension Fund.

  6. Recreational Advisory Commission

    The Recreational Advisory Commission shall make recommendations to Council relating to the recreational programs to be provided by the Village.

  7. Beautification Committee

    The Beautification Committee shall make recommendations to Council relative to the improvement of the appearance of public ways, waysides, and places through the planting of flower, shrubs, trees, etc.

  8. Tree Body

    The duties of the Tree Body are to promote the preservation and reforestation program of the Village and to encourage greater public awareness and participation in this program.

  9. Village Council

    The Council shall be the legislative and governing body of the Village and shall consist of the Mayor and four commissioners, each of whom shall possess qualifications for office, be elected by the legal voters for a four-year term and take the oath of office and perform duties provided by law.

  10. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Zoning Board of Appeals shall hear appeals and review any order, requirement, decisions or determination made by the Building Commissioner, who is charged with the enforcement of the Zoning Code.