Gas & Electric


NICOR Gas urges residents to request ID of anyone who asks to enter your home for service. NICOR employees always carry a photo ID and are happy to show it to you. The ID contains the employee’s name, photo, and the NICOR logo on the front side of the ID. The backside states the company’s address and toll-free customer care telephone number, 888-NICOR4u. NICOR also reminds you that your NICOR account and meter numbers are confidential. Therefore, in the event NICOR Gas need to contact you, our representatives will already have access to this information. If you choose to enroll in an alternative supplier program, such as Customer Select, please be careful to only share this information with a supplier once you have decided to sign up with them.

Choosing Your Natural Gas Supplier

For information on ‘Customer Select’ program and a list of current gas suppliers visit the NICOR online resource and access the “Choosing Your Supplier” link.


Commonwealth Edison

Call 800-Edison1 or 800-95luces (Spanish) to report tree and line damage to Com Ed the storm season.

Dynegy Energy Services

On March 20, 2012, residents of Palos Park approved a referendum authorizing community leaders to buy electricity in bulk from a supplier other than ComEd. After an extensive bidding process, the Village of Palos Park selected Dynegy Energy Services to provide electricity supply services to its residents and small businesses for the term of 2015-2017. For more information, please visit their website, or contact them by mail at:
Dynery Energy Service
1500 Eastport Plaza Drive
Collinsville, IL 62234