'Love The Park' Fine Arts Fair

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Welcome to our third ‘Love The Park’ Fine Arts Fair in pristine Palos Park. For over one hundred years, the Village of Palos Park has been a haven for the fine arts. The natural beauty and simple rhythm of life in Palos Park appeals to artists and writers seeking inspiration and solitude for their work.

Palos Park is considered by many, past and present, as an artists’ colony where the creative can be surrounded in peace and natural beauty. Painters Claude Buck, Emile Grumieaux, Felix Russmann, renowned sculptor Lorado Taft, and writers Sherwood Anderson and a young Ernest Hemingway enjoyed the serene landscape here.

We are pleased that you have joined us today. Please visit our many artists, activities, enjoy the musical entertainers and food choices along with fine wines and craft beers.

We are hoping for your assistance to create the Community Art Project during your stay. If you are visiting on Saturday, you will experience the unique Art and the Automobile exhibit and Sunday is dedicated to Art and the Family.

As Artist Edgar Degas quotes “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.

Enjoy your stay in beautiful Palos Park!

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Village Green  

8901 West 123rd Street

Fine Wine

Craft Beer

Food Trucks

Live Musical Entertainment

FREE parking and admission

Saturday featuring Art and the AUTOMOBILE

Sunday featuring Art and the FAMILY


(708) 671-3760