Art & the Automobile

Art and the Automobile poster

Saturday, May 19

the Village of Palos Park's 'Love The Park' Fine Arts Fair highlights

Art and the Automobile


Art and the Automobile will be featured Saturday, May 19 at the 'Love The Park' Fine Arts Fair for the 3rd consecutive year. Palos Park has taken a new intelligent approach to art, and the different types of art often overlooked; the automobile. Art and the Automobile was articulated to show the artistry of some of the world’s finest automobiles, along some of the Midwest’s newest and up and coming traditional artists. 

This year, Palos Park residents have been invited to showcase their modern classic automobiles. 

2018 ART AND THE AUTOMOBILE Motogiro d'Palos Park

Art and the Automobile will include a Motogiro d'Palos Park to allow participants, and residents an opportunity to experience the cars tactile art, by hearing, smelling and felling them pass.

Starting at 9:00 AM Saturday, May 19, the community can gather along the designated route and see the beauty of the autos on Parade as they head to the Village Green for you to view at 'Love The Park' Fine Arts Fair.

Motogiro d'Palos Park Map