2018 Street Resurfacing Project

UPDATE 10/22/2018 - Lindahl Brothers (Paving Contractor for the Village) will be back to grind off the existing pavement on Post Road, Wildwood,Trail, and Romiga Lane starting in the morning on  Thursday, October 25th. Traffic will be affected but cars will will be able to get in and out.  Expect delays.  
Lindahl Brothers will be back in to put surface down on following the streets with binder on Friday, October 26th..  Additional prime (OIL) will be required on the binder due to the delay in putting down surface.  Streets affected will be: 
90th Avenue from 125th to 126th
125th Street from 90th to 89th
Rosewood from 89th to Forest Glen
91st Street from 123rd to Forest Glen
93rd Avenue from 123rd to 121st
122nd Street  from 93rd to west end
121st Street from 93rd to east
121st Street from 86th to 88th 
Prime (OIL) will be placed on the binder prior to surface.  If residents do not want to drive through the OIL we would recommend having your cars off the street prior to 7:00 a.m.  OIL will be placed approximately 1 hour prior to paving, starting on 90th Avenue and 125th Street.

UPDATE 10/01/2018 - Resurfacing Work will begin on October 2nd on the following streets: 90th Avenue from 125th Street to 126th Street; 125th Street from 89th Avenue to 90th Avenue; 91st Avenue from 123rd Street to Forest Glen Boulevard. Rosewood Avenue between Ridge Avenue and Forest Glen Boulevard.  The road will have a rough grooved surface after approximately two inches of asphalt is removed.  Call 708-671-3721 with any questions. 
UPDATE 09/28/2018  - *CAUTION* On Monday, October 1st Fresh Oil will be put down on 125th Street beginning at 7:00 A.M.  Fresh Oil will also be put down on 126th Street, 81st Avenue, and 82nd Avenue on October 1st later in the morning.  PLEASE TAKE CAUTION while driving on the roads with fresh oil.  The first layer of pavement will be put on the streets after the Fresh Oil is placed on all of the streets.  
Driving Tip - If you have to drive on the oil, drive slow.  

The 2018 Street Resurfacing Project will begin on Thursday, September 27th on the following streets:
125th Street from 80th Avenue west to the dead end
126th Street from 81st Avenue west to 84th Avenue
82nd Avenue from 126th Street south to 127th Street
and 83rd Avenue from 125th Street south to the dead end
From here the project will move from east to west.  Other streets included in this year's project are:
121st Street from 86th Avenue to 88th Avenue
125th Street from 89th Avenue to 90th Avenue
90th Avenue from 125th Street to 126th Street
Rosewood Avenue from Ridge Avenue to Forest Glen Boulevard
91st Avenue from 123rd Street south to Forest Glen Boulevard
93rd Avenue from 121st Street south to 123rd Street
Post and Rail from 123rd street to the south cul-de-sac
Romiga Lane from Old Timber Lane to Wildwood Trail
Wildwood Trail from Romiga Lane to Sunnyslope Road
Questions? Please call the Public Works Department at 708-671-3721.