Newcomers Welcoming Ad Hoc Committee

Palos Park is a unique community where families can live, work, and play.  Over the past several years, the Palos Park community has experienced many new families moving in, many of whom do not have a previous connection to the area.  The Newcomers Welcoming Ad Hoc Committee will develop various strategies to welcome newcomers into the community and help them learn of all the various amenities that make this community great; how to become a more active member of the community; to help new residents come together to get to know one another; promote friendships among all residents; also advise of various outreach activities using available media resources to assist in promoting the positive aspects of our community.

The committee meets regularly on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  To contact the committee, please email

Committee Members

  • Leslie Wade, Committee Chair
  • Adrienne Jackiw, Vice Chair
  • Kristen Bauer
  • Liz Galvin
  • Emily Hampston
  • Sue Hennessy
  • Kelly Oliven
  • Meg Poore
  • Larry Wisowaty