Tree Body of Palos Park
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There are many reasons why trees in our area suddenly or slowly die. These reasons can range from previous storm damage to disease or insect infestation. Our community’s natural wooded setting is the main ingredient that separates the Park from surrounding towns and Villages. Residents should be proactive in removing dead trees and shrubs from their properties as quickly as possible. Dead trees that are not properly removed can harbor diseases such as “Oak Wilt” and “Dutch Elms Disease”, which can be easily spread to surrounding trees through root systems and insects. That dead tree in your yard is a liability to you and your property. Dead trees may suddenly shed limbs or trunks that could potentially hurt or fatally injure a loved one or passing pedestrian. Please don’t try to remove large trees, leave large tree removals to tree contractors that are properly experienced and fully insured. You can contact the Village office at 708-448-2700 for a list of licensed tree contractors.