Tree Body of Palos Park
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The Tree Body and the Department of Public Works are working with Connor Shaw, owner of Possibilities Place Nursery, in Monee. Mr. Shaw specializes in growing native trees, shrubs and plants that are indigenous in northeast Illinois. To reduce transplant shock, the trees are grown in containers, which preserve their root systems. Also, the branches are not pruned; more leaves mean that the trees can produce more food through photosynthesis. The advantage of this method is that tree care is significantly reduced. Watering is necessary only from the time of transplant until October. The following year, the tree should take care of itself, unless there is a drought longer than three weeks.

This fall, Village employees planted 29 oaks, 18 other tree species, and 16 shrubs along rights-of-way and public areas. Planting native (species that grow here) and planting correctly, should increase their chances of surviving and decrease the maintenance of our new trees.