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Village of Palos Park Clerk's Office  
Marie Arrigoni, Village Clerk
(708) 448-6150 or (708) 671-3706
Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm


Accident, injury, and incident reports
Accounts payable and receivable records
Administrative files and correspondence
Animal license records
Annexation, dedication, vacation, easement, right-of-way, subdivision, quit claim deeds and land acquisition records
Appropriation records
Bid records
Bill, check, invoice, voucher and warrant listings
Bond records
Brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, and Village publications
Building, grounds, and facility usage records
Building, grounds, street, and utility maintenance records
Building permits, plans, and inspections
Business license records
Cable TV franchise applications and agreements
Bank statements and deposit slips
Cash receipts
Census records
Certificates of occupancy
Certificates of publication, meeting notices, legal notices, and press releases
Certificates of status of exempt property
Citizen and resident questionnaires
Clerk of the Circuit Court transmittals
Comprehensive and long-range plans, consultantís studies and surveys
C.E.T.A. records
Construction and project files
Contractorís licenses, bonds, and certificates of insurance
Contracts, agreements, and leases
Cook County tax statements
Daily Cash reports
Demolition records
Driveway permits
Election record
Electrical permits
Elevator inspections
Energy and electrical usage reports
Engineering files
E.P.A. inspection records
Equipment and equipment maintenance records
Event permits
Excavation permits
Fence permits
Financial statements
Fire and building inspections
Flood control files
Freedom of Information Act requests and denials
Fuel or gasoline usage reports
Grant records
Highway permits
Hydrant flushing records, flow tests, and inspections
I.M.R.F. records
Insurance policies, claims, and enrollment records
J.U.L.I.E. tickets
Ledgers, journals, and registers
Liquor license records
Maps, plats, atlases, blueprints, and surveys
Material safety data sheet
MWRD records
M.F.T. records
Municipal Code Book
Municipal tax records
Notary public records
Officialís oaths, bonds, and appointments
Ordinance violation records
Ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, and motions
Paid bills, invoices, vouchers, and warrants
Payroll records
Personnel records
Plumbing permits
Policies and procedures, rules and regulations
Postage records
Purchase orders and requisitions
Referenda materials
Reimbursement claims
Recreation Department files
Sign permits
Special Assessment records
State and Federal tax reports
State of Illinois Commerce Commission hearing notices
State of Illinois Comptrollerís annual reports
State of Illinois Department of Labor safety inspections
State of Illinois Department of Revenue supplemental reports
Statement of Economic Interest and Ethic Disclosure records
Survey reports
Swimming pool permits
Tax exempt records
Tax extension records
Tax levy records
Time records
Travel, expense, and mileage records
Treasurerís reports
Unemployment compensation records
Utility bills, receipts, and stubs
Utility company permits
Utility corrections and adjustments
Utility delinquency files and notices
Utility maintenance and inspection records
Utility meter installations
Utility meter readings
Variance records
Vehicle license records
Vehicle maintenance records
Vendor records
Water flow charts
Water level charts
Water pumpage records
Water sample reports
Water valve inspections and maintenance records
Work orders and service requests
Workerís compensation records
Zoning, planning, development, and local improvement records

*The Municipal Records Directory is simply a category of records and not every individual record held by the Village. The Municipal Records Directory should not be interpreted to mean every record is available for inspection under the Freedom of Information Act.

Kaptur Administrative Center
8999 West 123rd Street, Palos Park, Illinois 60464
Main: 708-671-3700 
Email: General Information

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