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8999 West 123rd Street, Palos Park, Illinois 60464
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Village of Palos Park Clerk's Office  
Marie Arrigoni, Village Clerk
(708) 448-6150 or (708) 671-3706
Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm

May 15, 2014

The Village of Palos Park is a municipality incorporated and organized under the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services:

A. Police protection
B. Building and Zoning
C. Sewer and water service
D. Garbage collection service
E. Street and storm water maintenance
F. Local government administration and finance

The Village of Palos Park has certain functional subdivisions which are shown on Table I attached hereto. The approximate amount of the operating budget of the Village of Palos Park is $8,239,788.00. The Village’s sole office is the Kaptur Administrative Center located at 8999 W. 123rd Street in Palos Park. The Village also maintains a Public Works Garage located at 8999 W. 131st Street, a Recreation Center located at 8901 W. 123rd Street, a Library located at 12330 Forest Glen Blvd., and a pumping station for its water distribution system located at 12101 Southwest Highway. The Village currently employs approximately 71 full and part-time employees which includes the Police Department. The members of the Council, Commissions, and Committees of the Village of Palos Park are as follows:

Village Council
Mayor John F. Mahoney
Village Clerk Marie Arrigoni
Commissioner James Pavlatos
Commissioner Dan Polk
Commissioner Nicole Milovich-Walters
Commissioner G. Darryl Reed

Plan Commission 5 Year Terms
2011 Ralph Q. Jones
2011 Marty Strubin
2011 Mike Wall
2012 Paul Petan
2013 Michael Sundermeir
2014 John Basso
2015 Julie Kay

Zoning Board of Appeals 5 Year Terms
2011 Jack Martin
2012 Stephen Maier
2013 David Lencioni
2013 Phyllis Adams
2014 Jerry Dill
2014 Nancy Konier
2015 John C. Marsh

Library Board 4 Year Term
2017 Sue Hennessy
2017 Erin Ferguson
2018 David Trczinski
2015 Amy Goebel
2015 Mike Pempek
2016 Marie Van Huis

Recreation Board 3 Year Terms
2015 Loretta Gaidas
2016 Steven Desmond
2016 Charles Wells
2016 Mary F. Peterson
2017 Phil Chiapetto
2017 Maria Desmond

Historic Preservation Commission 4 Year Terms
2011 Phyllis Adams
2011 Jim Madden
2012 Suzy Evans
2012 Reta Wegele
2013 Irene Chocholek
2013 G. Darryl Reed (will have to resign)
2013 Kathy Williams

Beautification Committee
2011 Patricia Monson
2011 Carol Vandervelde
2012 Reta Wegele
2012 Denise Cowan
2012 Betty Hruska
2013 Peggy McGonigle
2013 Ann Oliver
*vacancy* term to expire 2013
*vacancy* term to expire 2011→2014

Tree Body
2010 Trish Prendergast
2012 Frank Thorp
2011 Lynn Buckley
2014 Marjory Gilbert
2012 Patricia Johnson
2013 Carla Juravic
2013 Florence Brennan vacancy
2013 Ken Stoffel

McCord House NFP
Nancy Mitchell
Patricia Martin
Jeanette Wood

Palos Fine Arts
Linda Duggan
Nancy Donavan
Kathy Williams

Police Pension Board 2 Year Terms
2016 Tom Donovan
2015 Bill Flowers
2015 John Sawyer
2015 Ross Chibe
        Tim Nolan, Attorney


Kaptur Administrative Center
8999 West 123rd Street, Palos Park, Illinois 60464
Main: 708-671-3700 
Email: General Information

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