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Palos Park Police Department

The Palos Park Police agency is a full service law enforcement agency with twenty-nine sworn officers who patrol the village twenty-four hours a day. We staff our field officers predicated on peak days and times when we need the most staff available. We utilize Southwest Central Dispatch, which has an Enhanced 911 system, which also serves the Palos Fire Protection District.


Some of the programs we offer include, Child Safety Fingerprinting, a Police Cadet program for teens, and an Emergency Service and Disaster Agency (E.S.D.A.) plan. A Vacation Watch program, Home Safety checks. The “You are Not Alone” program which provides for senior well-being checks and the File for Life program. Additionally we offer a Senior Safety I.D. Bracelet program and a volunteer Citizen on Patrol Service (COPS).


We work very closely with the Orland Park and Palos Heights Police Department’s; we also train jointly with their officers. We are part of the Southwest Suburban Major Case Unit and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force.

100th Anniversary Squad Car


The Palos Park Police Department is a very service oriented organization and we place quality service first and foremost.


Our mission is to provide our citizens, employees, visitors and business community quality public services through innovative public/private/intergovernmental partnerships and programs thereby offering expanded economic opportunities and safe family neighborhoods.
Palos Park Police Mission Statement


Police Department Officers

John Mahoney

Police Commissioner
Dan Polk

Police Chief
Joe Miller

Patrol Sergeants/ Officers In Charge
John Sawyer
Chris Hughes

Criminal Investigations
Investigator Barry Churin
Investigator Fran Marrocco Sr
Investigator Deb Legatzke

Emergency Services & Disaster Agency

Bill Leddin

Assistant Director
Frank Flores

Assistant Director
Matt McCurry

Matt McCurry
Frank Flores

Field Training Officers
Diana Campbell
John Winter
Ross Chibe

Patrol Officers

Kevin Pomper
Bob Taylor
Ryan McNulty
David Podkul
Jason Caiazzo
Kevin Taylor
Bob Kotsianis
Jorge Arrelo
Ross Chibe
Dave Harvin
Mike Chaffee
Diana Campbell
Mike Daly
Ross Ricobene
Jeff Cowe
Matt Novak
Fran Marrocco Sr
Mike Colavecchi
John Winter
Steve Gayton
Tom Hilton
Nick Spurgash
Mike Schabert
Jeremy Maske
Frank Slabenak
Steve Wagner

Support Staff


Police Recruit Trainees
Frank Slabenak

Support Services
Dolores Maldonado
Virg Humbel
Derek Kaczmarczyk
Joe Walters

Police Cadet Program Coordinators
Officer Nick Spurgash

Police Officer Recruit Trainee:
Kevin Pendl
Ray Sabo

Police Procedure Manual