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Public Works

About the Department

The Public Works Department responsibilities are to design, build, operate and maintain the public facilities and infrastructure in a manner that is safe, sustainable, and economical.

Department Description

The Public Works Department operates through two divisions, the Street Division and the Utilities Division.

The Utilities Division oversees and maintains the Water System infrastructure found in the Village’s right-of-way and properties including Pumping Stations, Water Tower, and fifty-two miles of water pipe. The division also oversees and maintains the Sanitary Sewer System infrastructure found in the Village’s right-of-way and properties including fourteen lift stations, and thirty-seven miles of sewer pipe.

The Utility Supervisor serves as the Village Arborist. His responsibilities include care and maintenance of the trees located in the Village’s right-of-way and properties as well as working with the Tree Body to provide education and information to the residents.

The Street Division is responsible for general management, operation and care of the fifty-six miles of infrastructure found in the Village’s right-of way including streets, parking lots, sidewalks, traffic signage, storm drain system, landscape and chipper service, right-of-way permits and inspections, fleet maintenance and equipment.