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Utilities in Palos Park
Palos Park Utility Rates - per month through December 31, 2014
Lake Michigan Water Rate $11.37 per thousand gallons used (Minimum of 3 thousand gallons billed per month)
Water Capital Improvement Bond $6.50 per month
Sanitary Sewer Rate $2.00 per thousand gallons of water used (Minimum of 3 thousand gallons billed per month)
Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Bond $6.50 per month
Onsite Sewer - Aerobic System $21.25 per month
Onsite Sewer - Septic System $4.17 per month
Onsite Re-inspection Fees $35.00 per inspection
Refuse $19.51 per month
Late Payment Fee Greater of $27.00 or 10% of amount due
Utility Bills are calculated and mailed on a bimonthly basis.
Accounts starting with 00 are mailed on even numbered months with payment due on odd numbered months
Accounts starting with 01 are mailed on odd numbered months with payment due on even numbered months

Planning to move? Please contact the Utility Department at least one week in advance (48 hours minimum)  for final reading and final billing information. For more information please call 708-671-3716 or 708-671-3721

Direct Debit Village Bills
Direct debit is available for utility bills. Download form return it, along with a voided check, to the Kaptur Center.

Local Utilities Information

Electric Aggregation in Palos Park
Palos Park has completed the Municipal Aggregation program,  residents are enjoying lower electric rates. Some residents may not be able to easily calculate their savings. Therefore NIMEC has created a new website to help your residents “see” their savings. It takes about 30 seconds to calculate their monthly/annual savings.

Related information:
Electric Aggregation Website ►
Electric Aggregation News ►
Electric Aggregation Letter from ComEd

Commonwealth Edison: 1-800-Edison1 or 1-800-95luces (Spanish) to report tree and line damage to Com Ed the storm season.
Cable Service Providers:
Wide Open West (WOW) is 866-4-WOW-NOW (or 866-496-9669)

NICOR Gas Repair   708-597-0110 or 888-NICOR4U
NICOR Gas urges residents to request ID of anyone who asks to enter your home for service. NICOR employees always carry a photo ID and are happy to show it to you. The ID contains the employee's name, photo, and the NICOR logo on the front side of the ID. The backside states the company's address and toll-free customer care telephone number, 1-888-Nicor4u. NICOR also reminds you that your NICOR account and meter numbers are confidential. Therefore, in the event NICOR Gas need to contact you, our representatives will already have access to this information. If you choose to enroll in an alternative supplier program, such as Customer Select, please be careful to only share this information with a supplier once you have decided to sign up with them.

Choosing Your Natural Gas Supplier
For information on 'Customer Select' program and a list of current gas suppliers visit and click on the "Choosing Your Supplier" link.

Republic Waste Services 708-385-8252
Download this pdf for the recommendations from Allied Waste Co.

Garbage Holidays: Allied has 6 holiday days:

Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
New Year's Day

Your garbage pickup will be one day later, if the holiday is on a weekday. If the holiday falls on a weekend (Sat or Sun), there is no interruption in your garbage pick-up.  

Recycle Schedule
You may download, print and post this near your recycle bin. ►

Thursday   Thursday   Friday   Friday
Route 83 (North)   119th Street (North)   McCarthy Road (North)   McCarthy Road (North)
133rd Street (South)   131st Street (South)   131st Street (South)   131st Street (South)
86th Avenue (West)   96th Avenue (West)   104th  Avenue (West)   Will Cook Road (West)
76th Avenue (East)   86th Avenue (East)   96th Avenue (East)   104th  Avenue (East)
6/12/2014   6/5/2014   6/13/2014   6/6/2014
6/26/2014   6/19/2014   6/27/2014   6/20/2014
7/10/2014   7/3/2014   7/11/2014   7/4/2014
7/24/2014   7/17/2014   7/25/2014   7/18/2014
8/7/2014   7/31/2014   8/8/2014   8/1/2014
8/21/2014   8/14/2014   8/22/2014   8/15/2014
9/4/2014   8/28/2014   9/5/2014   8/29/2014
9/18/2014   9/11/2014   9/19/2014   9/12/2014
10/2/2014   9/25/2014   10/3/2014   9/26/2014
10/16/2014   10/9/2014   10/17/2014   10/10/2014
10/30/2014   10/23/2014   10/31/2014   10/24/2014
11/13/2014   11/6/2014   11/14/2014   11/7/2014
11/27/2014   11/20/2014   11/28/2014   11/21/2014
12/11/2014   12/4/2014   12/12/2014   12/5/2014
12/25/2014   12/18/2014   12/26/2014   12/19/2014

Republic Waste Recycling & Trash Container Rental (all prices are for six months) The following is pricing provided by Allied Waste for the rental of their cans for trash and recycling.

96 Gallon = $22.50 (for trash only)
65 Gallon = $19.00 (recycling toters on wheels with lid)
35 Gallon = $14.00 (recycling toters on wheels with lid)


Recycle/ReuseGarbage Collection Information 

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