Palos Park Woman's Club

The Palos Park Woman’s Club was founded in 1902 and has been a driving force in the many developments in the Village of Palos Park. With a current membership of about 45, the club’s purpose is to promote cultural, educational and civic interest as a charitable organization. The Woman’s Club has been in charge of the annual Farmer’s Market, House Walk, Taste of Palos, Scholarships and many more. Palos Park Woman’s Club meets the second Thursday of the month, September through May at the Palos Park Presbyterian Church. For membership information contact (708) 448-5135 or email

Below is a partial list of the contributions The Woman’s Club has graciously made to the Village of Palos Park. Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful organization for all their hard work and generosity.

• Provided Easter Baskets for Children in Need
• Clothing and other items for American Indian Infants
• Ten yearly scholarships for Sandburg and Stagg High School students
• Money designated for Palos Park Library and Police
• A Purse Auction which provided much needed funds for an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa
• Christmas Cards containing money for hospitalized and retired servicemen.
• Used Greeting Cards sent to St. Jude's Ranch for Children
• Basic Needs Kits sent to St. Damien Hospital in Haiti
• Pop Can Tops for The Ronald McDonald House
• The Carson's Community Day Fund Raiser
• Collect Plastic Bags for Recycling

Our Farmer's Market, Taste of Palos and White Elephant Sale are fund raisers for some of our Philanthropic endeavors, such as:

- The Palos Food Pantry
- Palos Historical Society
- WTTW Channel 11 Chicago
- The Salvation Army
- The Center Scholarship
- Snowball Program for Sandburg and Stagg High Schools
- Graduation Night at the Two High Schools
- District 118 Snowflake Program
- Recording For The Blind
- Prevention of Child Abuse, Illinois
- Canine Companions, Inc.