On behalf of the dedicated professionals of the Palos Park Police Department, I welcome you to our website. The men and women of the Palos Park Police Department proudly serve the community with professional, efficient, and quality police service.

This site is designed to provide you with information related to our current crime prevention and community engagement programs, as well as avenues enabling you to become engaged with your police department.

We believe that the very essence of policing occurs when an entire community works together to meet and overcome societal challenges. We recognize and appreciate the continued contributions our citizens make toward creating a wholesome community which provides for an effective policing experience.

It is our desire to deliver professional police services by utilizing data-based law enforcement strategies and cutting-edge technologies while developing a more personal relationship with the community in which we serve. We are committed to being transparent and having open communication with our community. We believe transparency is vital to having successful police-community relations.

We are in the business of protecting and serving our community. As a team, we provide that service twenty-four hours a day. Each of us commits to making Palos Park a safe, desirable place to live, to visit, and a place to raise a family.

The motto of the Palos Park Police Department is "Committed to Our Community" and we provide that commitment through the philosophy of community-orientated policing. Our team of professionals’ work in partnership with the community to provide the highest level of law enforcement services.

Providing exemplary service to our citizens and guests is paramount to our commitment to community policing, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

Chief Joe Miller




 The Palos Park Police Department is dedicated to providing outstanding law enforcement services to the community. The department employs 25 sworn officers, utilizes many civilian volunteers, and maintains a Cadet Program. We are a service-oriented agency that prides itself on integrity, professionalism, and concern for the quality of life in our community.


We show respect for ourselves, our organization, and our community by always acting in a manner above reproach both in public and with each other.  Our actions match our words and we hold each other and ourselves accountable to our core values.


We understand the support we receive from the community is not to be taken for granted and is earned through professionalism and honesty in the safety and service we provide.  We take ownership of problems brought to our attention and strive to solve them with all available resources.


Public trust is earned through strict adherence to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

We make decisions consistent with our values and in the best interest of our organization and the community.


As members of the Palos Park Police Department, we treat each other and everyone we contact with decency and respect.  While maintaining personal safety, we remember that we often meet individuals on their worst days and strive to preserve their dignity.




Our Mission

Mission Motto "Expect Excellence"
It is our mission to create a path for all in our department, starting with the first step, Expect Excellence, the Palos Park Police Departments culture and identity should strengthen the very purpose of our organization. Men & Women serving with professionalism, honor and dignity.
To Expect Excellence and be a model agency in modern day law enforcement, the expectation of excellence, commitment & innovation to our community should be exhibited by a devotion to providing unparalleled service.
To Expect Excellence, we all must create an atmosphere of partnership with the community toward the common goal of protecting life and property and enhancing the overall quality of life.  
Each shift, each day, Expecting Excellence, means striving to accomplish with every interaction, mutual trust and respect, and the fair and equitable enforcement of law, while carefully safeguarding the dignity of all who we serve.




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