The Reports

No need to miss the valuable information of the monthly Tree Body meeting. Access the titles to view archived reports.
  1. The Tree Reports
  2. Learn About Plants
  3. The Seasons
  4. The Pests
  5. In Our Village
  6. Other Information
  • Apple Scab
  • Care and Management of Native Oaks
  • Carbon Eaters Among Us
  • Dead Tree
  • Ginkgo Tree
  • How to Find an Arborist
  • “How to Mulch and How Not to Mulch”
  • Less Salt Please!
  • Lightening and Trees
  • Mulching the smart way
  • Oak Trees in Palos
  • Provenance is Important
  • Pruning Bits
  • Pruning of Shade Trees
  • Planting the Right Tree in the Right Spot
  • Second Chance for Elms
  • Stress Can Kill Your Trees
  • Suitable Trees for Palos Park
  • Tree Decline
  • Tree Myths
  • Trees and Deer in Palos Park
  • Trees Help Keep Palos Green
  • What’s Happening to our Oaks?
  • Working Hard to Survive