Our Mayor

My vision of Palos Park recognizes the value of recreation, open space and quality of life for our residents. With that being said, I would like to take a moment to discuss the significance of some recent annexations.

Annexations of Properties

As all of you know, for a number of years we have been actively working on the annexations of four properties: the Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, the Gleneagles Country Club, the MidIron Club, and the Ludwig Farm. These private properties in unincorporated Cook County total approximately 1,446 acres. Unincorporated lands are not under the control of any town, and a town may not lay claim to private lands over which it has no control, no authority, no ownership and no rights.

We have been working on the annexations with the property owners for more than six years. They all have filed formal, legal petitions for voluntary annexation into our Village. On January 15, 2016, the Village of Palos Park annexed the Mid-Iron Club and Gleneagles Country Club. The Council will consider annexing Cog Hill Golf and Country Club and Ludwig Farm at its February 8th meeting. No specific development plans have been presented, and none were considered at this meeting. We do know that the families’ long-term development goals call for creating premier communities, with continued golf and recreational opportunities, and a commitment to green space, all in keeping with Palos Park’s nature today.


Let me provide some history. These property owners, the McNulty, Jemsek and Ludwig families, met among themselves prior to 2009 to discuss annexing into either Palos Park or Lemont or developing in Cook County. After a long review, they chose to jointly seek annexation into Palos Park. These respected families chose Palos Park because they appreciate our commitment to recreation, open space, and the special green development environment we stand for. They know we will treat them fairly. Equally important, they know we expect them to respect our high development standards and goals, to follow our processes, and our expectations for them to be good citizens of Palos Park.

I believe - and I believe our Village Council shares my view - that annexing these properties offers Palos Park and our residents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand in a way that will enable us to manage the kind of controlled, positive, and high-end development we value.

Open Hearings

I want to assure our residents that development proposals for all the properties will undergo a process of open hearings that gives weight to our residents’ views before plans are finalized and decisions made. Zoning, density, traffic, taxes, and potential impacts to the community’s library, schools, parks, and other taxing districts will be subject to a full discussion. Development plan approvals will be based on assurances that financially support local taxing bodies.

Some of you may have questions, and the Palos Park village staff and I are available to respond to them. I invite Palos Park residents to email me or Village Manager Rick Boehm any questions or concerns that you may have to email or phone us at 708-671-3700.

  - Mayor John Mahoney