Direct Debit Village Bills

Direct debit is available for utility bills. Download the form and return it along with a voided check to the Kaptur Center.

Online Bill-Pay for Utility Bills

When you choose to pay your utility bill through your bank’s online bill-pay system, please allow at least 10 days for the payment to reach our office. Even though your bank may debit your account immediately for the amount you are paying, the bank then has to issue a check and mail it to our office. This typically takes 10 or more days. In order to not incur a late fee your payment must be received by the Village by the due date; this does not always occur with online payments. To ensure that your utility bill is paid on time, please allow at least 10 days for online bank payments to reach us. Remember the Village offers Direct Debit which will automatically process your payment on the due date.

Utility Details

  • Gas and Electric
  • TV Cable
    • Wide Open West (WOW) is 866-4-WOW-NOW (or 866-496-9669)
    • Tune In - Wide Open West cable channel 6 broadcasts important announcements and village council meetings
  • Utility Rates
  • Waste and Recycle