Utility Rates

Palos Park Utility Rates

Rate Type
Minimum Bill Per Cycle
Amount Range
Rate as of November 1, 2019
$12.36 Per thousand gallons
Refuse Rate as of April 1, 2019 $42.76 $21.38 Per month
Sanitary Sewer Rate (Water Consumers) $12 $2 Per thousand gallons
Sanitary Sewer Flat Rate (Non-water) $40 $20 Per month
Water Bond $13 $6.50 Per month
Sewer Bond $13 $6.50 Per month
Septic Onsite $8.34 $4.17 Per month
Aerobic Onsite $42.50 $21.25 Per month
Utility Bills are calculated and mailed on a bimonthly basis. Accounts starting with 00 are mailed on even numbered months with payment due and on odd numbered months. Accounts starting with 01 are mailed on odd numbered months with payment due on even numbered months.

Moving? Please contact the Utility Department at least one week in advance (48 hours minimum) for the final reading and final billing information. For more information please call 708-671-3716 or 708-671-3721.