Waste & Recycle

Allied/Republic Waste Service

Garbage Holidays

  • Jan 01 New Year's Day
  • May 30 Memorial Day
  • Jul 04 Independence Day
  • Sept 05 Labor Day
  • Nov 24 Thanksgiving Day
  • Dec 25 Christmas - will be observed on Dec 26
Your garbage pickup will be one day later, if the holiday is on a weekday. If the holiday falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), there is no interruption in your garbage pick-up.

Allied/Republic Waste Recycling and Trash Container Rental

All prices are for six months. The following is pricing provided by Allied Waste for the rental of their cans for trash and recycling.
  • 96 Gallon = $22.50 (trash only)
  • 65 Gallon = $19 (recycling toters on wheels with lid)
  • 35 Gallon = $14 (recycling toters on wheels with lid)
Yard waste stickers are available at Village Hall.

Allied/Republic Recycling Schedule

Recycling trucks pick up your recycle toters on an every other week basis based on your address.

Download a printable Recycling Schedule for easy reminder.

Yard Waste/ Christmas Tree Pick-Up

Yard Waste Pick-Up Season runs from April until the last week of November each year. Real Christmas Trees can be placed out with your regular garbage for pick-up until the second pick up in January.