Facility Rental

Community Room

Community Room Lunch N Learn 

RoomLocationRes RateUPP RateNon ResCapacityTables
Community Recreation Center
(8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL 60464)
2hr min
2hr min 
2hr min
100 peopleRound or Banquet


image_55415491 (1)

RoomLocationRes RateUPP Rate Non ResCapacity 
GymRecreation Center (8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL 60464) $35.00/hr
2hr min
2hr min 
2hr min
150 max

Centennial Park 

centennial park

RoomLocationRes RateUPP Rate Non Res
Centennial Park 12216 S Will Cook Rd, Palos Park, IL 60464

2hr min
2hr min
2hr min
Centennial Park Field Lining 

Additional Room Rentals

Room Location Res RateUPP Rate Non Res Capacity 
Prairie RoomRecreation Center (8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL 60464) $30.00/hr$35.00/hr$36.00/hr50 people
Village Green Gazebo$35.00/hr$41.00/hr$42.00/hr6 picnic tables and shelter 


Additional Amenities

Marquee Rental
per event on site only $25.00information added to the marquee 
Clean up fee per event on site only$50.00 General Clean up after event 

A $200.00 refundable deposit applies to all rentals. Full payment is due when completing paperwork. Rental time includes set up and clean up time. Deposit is refundable. Tables and chairs are included in price of rental. Access to kitchen is only included with a Community Room rental. 

**Capacity limits subject to State Guidance**

For rental availability, please email recreation@palospark.org or please call (708) 671-3765. Completed rental form and set up diagram can be emailed to recreation@palospark.org 

Facility Information and Forms

Link for obtaining insurance for serving alcohol - https://irma.tulip.specialmarkets.com/

You may also obtain insurance coverage from your own homeowners/renters insurance company.


After you fill out required information and receive a quote, fill in necessary blanks. Then scroll down to the Additional Insured  section and click on "add additional insured".

Select Owner or Lessor of Premises 

In the Name field, type - Village of Palos Park, its officials, employees and volunteers

Address: 8901 W. 123rd St., Palos Park, IL 60464