Plumbers Letter of Intent Requirements

Plumbers' Information Sheet & Letter of Intent

This Information Sheet gives a summary of the requirements and procedures of the Village.

Village Code requires that plumbing contractors register with the Village. Plumbers are to include a copy of their valid Plumber’s License issued by the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago along with a completed Village of Palos Park Contractor Registration Application, a signed Code of Conduct Acknowledgement form and a Certificate of Liability Insurance. Please read the Registration Application for any additional requirements.

Pursuant to State Statute 225 ILCS 320/37, “A letter of intent shall be included with all plumbing permit applications. The letter shall be written on the licensed plumber of record’s business stationery and shall include the license holder’s signature and, if the license holder is incorporated, the license holder’s corporate seal. If the license holder is not incorporated, the letter must be notarized.”

The letter of intent should specify the address of the intended job and the full name of owner of said property. A brief description of the work to be performed and a starting date for work to be performed.