Electrical Handout

Effective March 2013 the Village of Palos Park Adopted the 2011 National Electric Code (NEC)

Please note the following 2011 NEC Code Provisions that must be followed when doing work within the corporate limits of the Village of Palos Park. Any questions should be referred to the Electrical Inspector at 708-671-3730.
  • Grounding wire connected to a grounding electrode by mean of acorn must be grounded to the grounding bar in the meter enclosure continue to a bonding bushing and terminated at the bus bar on the line side of service enclosure.
  • Underground metal water piping must be bonded at service panel cabinet continue to street side of water meter then jumped from house side to street side.
  • Service panel and all sub-panels must be clearly labeled.
  • Wire fill must comply for outlet box size or deep outlet box shall be installed. (Wire fill shall not be over maximum number of conductors per code.) Refer to Table 314.16 A in 2011 NEC
  • All receptacles in dwellings must be tamper resistant and self-grounding type or green grounding conductor must be used. See Article 406.12 in 2011 NEC
  • Kitchen Island and peninsulas must have G.F.I. protected receptacles.
  • All receptacles in kitchen must be G.F.I protected (not behind built-in units or refrigerator).
  • Front and rear outside of a dwelling unit must have a weather-proof G.F.I. protected receptacle. See Article 210.52(E)(1) in 2011 NEC
  • Each bathroom and powder room must have separate circuit 20 amp, G.F.I. protected receptacle. (May share with other baths, no other outlets on this circuit.)
  • Any bathroom that has a motorized unit, for example a sauna, spa, whirlpool, etc., must have the lighting fixtures in that room G.F.I. protected. This G.F.I protections shall be independents of the required 20 amp G.F.I. protected receptacle circuit. See Article 680.43 (B) in 2011 NEC
  • Smoke detectors are required in all bedrooms and combination carbon monoxide/smoke detectors in adjacent halls. Minimum of 1 combination carbon monoxide/smoke detector on all levels.
  • All dwelling room outlets must have arc-fault protection. (Smoke/Carbon monoxide detector or fire alarm wiring outlets must be on their circuit). See Article 210.12 (A) in 2011 NEC
  • No bare incandescent lamps in clothes closets. See Article 410.16(b) in 2011 NEC
  • Sump pump receptacle on single receptacle. (Not G.F.I. protected). All other unfinished basement receptacles must be G.F.I. protected. See Article 210.8 (A) (5) in 2011 NEC
  • All recessed type fixtures must be Type I.C. See Article 410.116 (2) in 2011 NEC