Fall Tree Planting

2022 Fall Tree Planting Program

 The 2022 Fall Tree Program will begin on August 1st. The Public Works Department has jurisdiction of the public rights of way in the Village. The area of the right of ways which are not paved streets may have underground utilities, drainage ditches, and landscaping. Each year residents are given the opportunity to have ONE tree added to the landscaping in the Village right of way adjacent to their property. The trees are planted through the Village’s itrees.com Fall Tree Planting Program. There is no cost to the resident for the tree or the planting; however residents are asked to water the tree until the tree is established (typically during the fall and again the next spring). 

 Trees will be planted in late October or early November.                                                                                                                 The 2022 Fall Tree planting program will begin on August 1st.  Please choose the type of tree you would like planted from the 2022 Tree Availability list (will be posted in July).  Call the Village Hall 708-671-3700 and request to be placed on the Fall Tree Planting List after August 1st.  You will need to provide the type of tree you have chosen, your name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached.