Western Growth Area Master Plan

The future of development in Palos Park's Western Growth Area will be guided by policies and plans adopted by the Village of Palos Park, informed by community input regarding goals and objectives for growth and incorporated into the draft Western Growth Area Plan. This planning process will include a series of public input opportunities that will culminate in an official public hearing prior to adoption of the final Western Growth Area Master Plan. This page is intended to provide Village residents and other interested parties information related to the development of the plan. If you have any questions regarding this process or the information available on this page, please feel free to contact Lauren Pruss, Community Development Director at 708-671-3731 or lpruss@palospark.org.

Public Information 

On February 10, 2020, the Village Council voted to direct staff to prepare an ordinance amending Chapter 1222 – Official Village Comprehensive Plan, to revise the Comprehensive Plan adopted on December 7, 2009, and to incorporate the Western Growth Area Master Plan as an official document. The Village Council approved the Western Growth Area Master Plan the February 24, 2020 regular meeting at 7:30 PM.  

Public hearings were held regarding the Draft Western Growth Area Master Plan on November 21, 2019, December 17, 2019, and January 16, 2020.  At the January 16, 2020, the Plan Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the draft plan.  

Click here to view the final approved Western Growth Area Master Plan.

You can download a copy of the draft plan for your review by clicking here.

Click here for the presentation materials from the February 10, 2020 Village Council Meeting.

Click here to watch the February 10, 2020 Village Council Meeting.

Click here for the presentation materials from the November Public Hearing.

Click here for the presentation materials from the December Public Hearing. 

Click here for the presentation materials from the January Public Hearing.

Click here to watch the November 21, 2019 Public Hearing.

Click here to watch the December 17, 2019 Public Hearing. 

Click here to watch the January 16, 2020 Public Hearing.

Development 101 - Western Growth Area Master Plan

What is the Western Growth Area Master Plan?
  • A new long-range, policy plan intended to guide future growth and development character in the “Western Growth Area”, which includes new and potential annexation areas joining into the Village of Palos Park.
  • Reflects on and incorporates ideas based on community input provided at open houses, market study, and participation of key stakeholders and property owners in the Western Growth Area.
  • Includes a land use plan with recommendations related to: 1) land use and development, including future land use, 2) urban design, and 3) transportation and infrastructure.
  • Plan recommendations will balance the need for both stability and investment in the planning area.
  • The final plan will receive public hearings at the Plan Commission, and at the Village Council, prior to adoption.
  • The Development 101 series is intended to inform the public about key development concepts that will inform the Western Growth Area Master Plan. 
  • Learn more about urban planning basics at the following video link: What is Urban Planning?

Development 101 – Housing Residential development in Palos Park can…

Residential development in Palos Park can...
  • Support a variety of housing options for Palos Park’s residents
  • Provide a diverse mix of housing types, including detached homes, attached courtyard homes, townhomes, and a graduated approach to apartment living and senior living options
  • Use clustering or “conservation design” to arrange housing types into compatible, aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods, that preserve open spaces
  • Produce great quality housing products, with attractive building materials and architectural detail
  • Attract Palos Park’s next generation of residents with housing and services for young families
  • Meet the needs of the senior members of the community, improving the community’s accessibility, mobility options, and walkability
  • Give residents nearby access to parks, open spaces, trails, gathering spaces, and walkable shopping options
  • Here are some interesting articles on the changing housing market:                                                                Shrinking Illinois Home Inventory Pushing Prices Up, Sales Numbers Down: Report                                    Suburban Luxury Market Stalls as Buyers Flock Downtown 

Development 101 – Retail Shops & Services Retail and commercial services in Palos Park can…

Retail and commercial services in Palos Park can…
  • Play an important role in the quality of life in Palos Park
  • Produce quality shopping plazas with outdoor dining areas and public spaces that provide amenities to Palos Park and serve as an attraction to the area
  • Minimize potentially adverse land uses adjacent or near to residential development through high development standards
  • Center around anchor tenant or basic retail and services such as groceries and pharmacies
  • Create walkable places and spaces for residents and visitors to Palos Park
  • Provide opportunities for community building at gathering places, like cafés and fitness centers
  • Provide entertainment options in proximity to residential areas
  • Take advantage of visibility and access to major transportation corridors, including Bell Road, Archer Avenue, and Main Street
  • Reduce travel times when located nearer to residential developments
  • Create a new commercial node at the intersection of Archer and 123rd/McCarthy Road with a mix of shops and restaurants
  • Check out this article on the stabilizing retail market:                                                                                              Look At The Numbers, Not The Headlines: Retail Vacancies Hit 15-Year Low 

Development 101 – Industrial Businesses Business trades in Palos Park can…

Business trades in Palos Park can…
  • Benefit from all of the characteristics that make Palos Park a great community
  • Develop in a regulated manner that is complementary to existing industrial areas and flexible to support business growth
  • Utilize land that is adjacent to or surrounded by existing industrial areas, such as local quarries, that may be unsuitable for other users
  • Implement environmentally sensitive development practices that preserve the conditions in the area north of Main Street
  • Limit negative impacts to local roads by using truck routes and roads maintained by the county or state
  • Provide employment opportunities in the Palos Park area
  • Read more about nearby industrial activity at the link below:                                                                           Industrial Developers Now Consider I-55 Ripe For New Construction https://www.bisnow.com/chicago/news/industrial/industrial-development-taking-off-again-in-i-55-96273

Development 101 – Regional Destinations

Resort and golf course redevelopment can…
  • Attract visitors to the Western Growth Area as a regional destination
  • Grow the Village of Palos Park with added revenues to support its community
  • Expand the local offerings for tourist, entertainment, and recreational options
  • Establish a world-class recreation, hospitality, and shopping plazas open to both golfers and Palos Park residents
  • Offer amenities, such as a fitness center, spa, conference center, that complement the golf course and its use
  • See how golf course redevelopment is occurring across the nation at the link below:                                           More Private Golf Courses Biting the Dust 

Development 101 – Open Spaces & Nature

Open spaces and the environment in Palos Park can…
  • Be preserved as valuable community assets
  • Grow and expand access to local recreational areas and activities for the benefit of residents and visitors alike
  • Draw in new residents and visitors to Palos Park due to the great parks and preserves
  • Provide the setting for a comprehensive trail system that is interconnected to regional trails and local parks and residential areas
  • Ensure the protection of waterways, floodplains, and wetlands though requirements for sensitive development practices
  • Integrate into the design of new residential development, commercial areas, and the spaces in between
  • Continue to improve the quality of life for residents, new and old!
  • Learn about open space preservation and conservation design practices here:                                                University of Illinois Extension – Cluster/Conservation Development 
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