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FOIA Request Form

  1. From:
  2. To:
    Freedom of Information Officer
    Village of Palos Park
    8999 W 123rd Street
    Palos Park, IL 60464
    Phone: 708-671-3706
    Fax: 708-448-9542
  3. Please indicate if you wish to inspect the above captioned records or wish to receive copies of them.
  4. Do you wish to have the copies certified?
  5. Charges
    Certifying a document - $1
    Copying from a machine - $0.15 per page after the first 50 pages for black and white, letter or legal
    Oversized copies - Actual cost
    Color copies - Actual cost
  6. Is this request for a commercial purpose?
  7. It is a violation of the Freedom of Information Act to knowingly obtain a public record for a commercial purpose without disclosing that it is for a commercial purpose, if requested by the public body. 5ILCS 140.3.1(c).
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